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Yellow sticky notes

Yellow Sticky Notes is a classically animated film that was entirely hand drawn. The film is a voyeuristic look into the last nine years of my animation filmmaking career where I went through many ups and downs. The film was created in response to my life being incredibly busy and relying on yellow sticky note “to do” lists to keep me organized. The only problem was that I was so busy trying to accomplish my sticky note “to do” lists that I was ignoring the world around me and major world events. This is an issue that most everyone in the world can relate to – being busy and not being able to slow down. One day I cleared the massive amount of sticky notes from my desk and decided I would finally self reflect on the world events I had ignored for so many years. I chose to self reflect through a process of animation meditation where I would animate directly onto the sticky notes that had made me ignore the world around me for so many years. As I started to animate, I realized that many of the things on my “to do” lists had direct connections to the major world events going on around me. Yellow Sticky Notes juxtaposes text and animated sequences that are weaved together through morphing transitions. The entire film was animated directly onto 4×6 inch yellow sticky notes with only a black Staedtler Permanent fine tipped marker. 2300 yellow stick notes were used to complete the film and the process took 9 months to complete. Animation was captured using a digital Canon SLR camera and camera stand. The films budget was $100 and was used to by sticky note pads and black pens. The final digital cells were color corrected in Photoshop and then compiled in Final Cut Pro. Blinded by overwhelming “to do” lists, a manic animator re-examines his life by drawing on over 2300 4×6 inch yellow sticky notes with only a black ink pen . A small internal reflection on one’s role as an artist manifests into a discussion about major political and environmental crises all told through the medium that once threatened to consume him.

Streans Jeff Chiba