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Vector Field

Audiovisual artist Eric Raynaud, aka Fraction, presents Vector Field a new audio visual performance where the artist explores the real time manipulation of a vectorial stream created by sound as an ode to the art of Transformation. After Entropia, in this new performance, Fraction keeps on focusing on synergistic structures as a main language to take up metaphysics themes, to questions both the relation between physics and space, the place of humanity in a human shaped environment, and its destination in a apparent meaningless universe. As many today’s scientist’s believes, the artist states that time doesn’t exist and that’s rather an human perception of transitory states’s change. There’s no before, and there will be no after. There’s no past. There’s no future. From that principe, In Vector Field, Fraction streamlines a three dimensional homophonic structure, using deliberately references to science of topology and common representation of sound waves in occidental culture as an aesthetic frame for a computer-generated based vortical flow that embodies an elusive landscape, as if a continuum was slipping from his inner perception.

Raynaud Eric (Fraction)