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Raynaud Eric (Fraction)

“Fraction is Eric Raynaud, an electronic music composer & sound plastician whose work is focused on sound immersion and multimedia interactions. His productions appeared on the Berlin based imprint Shitkatapult, on several net labels before he got signed by french label INFINE in 2008 which released several of his projects.
He created the acclaimed immersive Audio Visual performance DROMOS granted by CNC (French National Center of Cinematography) before being commissioned by SAT of Montreal and Mutek festival, and recently ObE, an innovating hybrid immersive installation featured by The Creators Project.
Following these challenging pieces creation, he’s now working on enhancing sound immersion potentiality in contemporary art, architecture with a constant interest of science and social problematics.
He works as a sound sculptor, experimenting on rhythm deconstruction, timbral chaos, apparent disorder and processing synthetic and acoustics sources to create a coherent sound organization
He is recently awarded by Institut Français in Digital Arts field and is currently leading a several months research and creation at Sociéte des Arts Technologique of Montreal on sound immersion and new media interactions.”