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Try To Leave Me

This is a retrocognitive video work in that uses television sets and natural materials as sculptural elements. Formally, it revisits the video sculpture of the 70s and 80s using the technology of today’s video artists. Two televisions sit on a 8′ X 2′ wooden beam which balances on a boulder. The digital video, inspired by the relationship pieces of Alan Kaprow, shows two people struggling to escape each other. The screens face each other to suggest that as one struggles to escape from the other s/he is running into the arms of the other. This piece is a mobile in that the monitors are actually balancing on the stone fulcrum. The work is always in danger of collapsing. The sculptural form of the work echoes the precarious balance of human relationships which are often a struggle to maintain equilibrium. digital video, 2 video monitors, stones, wood beam dimensions variable, continuous play.

Montoya Maria Del Carmen