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The Day of the Bleeding Gums

The title caught my attention even before reading the script. Why the title came first – because it is about gums and I wanted to have this ambiguity with the glory wreaths (word game – in Bulgarian the word “venets” means both). The protagonist is an artist that has turned into a kamikaze, but he does not realize the spiritual meaninglessness of his actions, and has the sole purpose of winning another meaningless day.
The movie is drawn entirely on smartphone. I made this decision because I wanted to turn the whole global movie industry into a parody with something valuable prepared on a phone. Without using people, without hiring equipment, without drawing one’s attention, just by sitting somewhere and doing something. I am not influenced by George Lucas or by Shakespeare, I just make something that is completely mine with the idea that it will outlive me.
I am a director and a viewer at the same time and the viewer in me does not know what the director is doing. I let the images flow freely in me, and then I take them out on the screen. I do not prepare a storyboard because I prefer being surprised by each and every second that follows because this is all about movement and flowing images.

Dimitrov Dimitar