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Steve Martin On The Loose

Animator, Rebecca Whipple, likens dreaming to the digestion system of the brain. Through it, our mind incorporates the world into ourselves. This dream/animation is an amalgam of cinematic styles, techniques and scenes. The only people in the dream are movie stars, movie stars competing in a world of water, mythological threat, and technology. Intermixed with these public figures and impressions are ideas and themes personal to Whipple’s own life. “Starring” Steve Martin, his twin brother, Mary Steenburgen, and a sea monster, this animation is a comedic look at how our mind uses dreaming as a way to digest reality. By using original material from the films that make up the dream’s content, this animation joins the debate over intellectual property rights and freedom of expression. Also featured is an original score by composers Benito Meza and Gabriel Guerrero.

Whipple Rebekka