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Screwed Up

Today’s tales of Romeo and Juliet are ever more often shortlived. But as we tend to dispose of relationships with growing flippancy, we time and time again have to come to terms with the notion of not knowing a good thing until its gone.After a short honeymoon period, monotony and arguments settle in. One deserts the other, but regrets that very decision soon after and embarks on a search for the missing other half. Screwed Up presents an analogy of this universal narrative of love lost and squandered. Personified by the nuts and bolts of this tale, the dynamics of an unreconcilable relationship are played out through the anthropomorphic realisation of its characters in their most simple form. Essentially redundant as separate entities, it is only with hindsight that we appreciate the significance and worth that unification with a separate part can bring.

Kris Hofmann