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Nebbia is a piece of work which explores the search for oneself and the unexpected encounter with the truth. Fog (main picture) covers with its cloak the shapes which cannot yet be made out, or those old shapes which, while fading away, have still not been replaced by new, precise forms. Just as if, in this fog, the chaos of origins was represented. The women that passes by (development of the video-art narrative) submerges herself in an emotional and imposing passage, and the fog acts as a predecessor of the revelation, the prelude of a cruel and daily manifestation. The deep desire of inner balance and the need for new experiences, which are the cause of a woman’s journey, generate rejection to her collective, social life, and the fate it has in store for her. She abandons her luggage and parts with her clothes, which have become dead and useless weights. In a profound feeling of liberation, her most spiritual and intimate values prevail. The feeling of wellbeing and placidity take centre stage, favoured by a river which makes her emotions flow, trees which communicate with three levels of cosmos: subterranean, sky and land. Tagged cows which give life to gods and men. The sweet sheep, simple and obedient, also stands aside from the tagged flock and embarks on its own experience. It goes deep, just like the woman in thick fog: the two of them penetrate the mystery, the dangers of fire, analogies arise and both discover the truth. Purifying sounds, unexpected sensations, a total connection with nature like a spontaneous and imprecise dance that looks like an initiation ritual. But bitter is the taste of what the journey brings: her reality imposes itself.

Savinelli Antonio