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Savinelli Antonio

Antonio Savinelli (Italo-Venezuelan), audiovisual producer, photographer and writer. Writer of nine short films, most of them of an experimental nature. Among his notable work is Zumo de Naranja (54th Festival of San Sebastian, 1st Prize in the L’hermita Valencia competition), Andrajo (2nd place in the CONAC Biennial Short Film Festival), Lima Splash (Silver Moon at the III Nit de la Publicidad Valenciana), and the video-art Hαbitat (21st Instants Video Festival in Marseille), Gijσn Σptica Festival. Finalist in the Premis Tirant, Valencia. Propeller Londres. Festival Periscopia, Caracas. Festival Baumann Terrassa. Barcelona Visual Sound). His latest work, Nebbia, filmed in Italy, tackles contemporary man’s search for himself and the unexpected encounter with the truth. He also won third place in the literary competition Correveidile-Huesca, for his story Bruma. He published the book of tales Alιvola y otros cuentos and is currently finishing his short novel: La ciudad sin brϊjula. In the photographic area, he has exhibited the series Anhelos y Paisajes (at the Latin American Institute in Berlin), Memorias (in Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional), and is currently working on the photographic project Mirada Urbana in 12 European cities. Literary influences mixed with visual metaphors, reality, fantasy, death and man today are themes with which Antonio Savinelli has developed his work. With a profound aesthetic sense in the frame composition and ambiences far removed from an immediate reality, his works leans towards an oneiric and symbolic spectrum.