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Lost in the Woods

In the project LOST IN THE WOODS I place myself as a magical being – a gnome in a constructed world with elements of consumerism, advertising, internet and social networks. The work deals with the topic of escapism and the relationship between real and virtual constructed world. The all-embracing presence of Internet and advertisements changes how we think, feel and live and makes us easily mix what is real and what virtual. The project is adopting fairytale iconography and transforms it. It stands for an alternative world in which one can escape, when dealing with the issues of contemporary everyday life gets too exhausting. Escaping in a constructed fairytale character enables to hide and avoid the problems and anxieties of a real world. Even though the prints are in a way a cry for a better world, they are a response to apathy or awareness, that an average person has almost no influence on changing it, since the problems lie in the hand of corporations and the system. They are a naive call for a happy reality, which can be found in an alternative fairytale world, and for which we would wish in reality.

Kunsic Gasper