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“Formation” shows a mass of people in an undefined space in a continuous circular movement. The movement of people slowly accelerates and develops until it pushes its own boundaries. The mass emerges with a dynamic that sucks in every individual – the friction and struggle between the individual and the mass becomes visible. However the dynamic of the individuals creating the mass also becomes visible. Through the repetitive movement, the viewer is sucked into a physical experience – the viewer starts identifying with the individual he can observe and relate to in the beginning, until losing grip with the expansion of the mass. The individual is confronted with pushing its own physical and mental borders to survive – questions are posed like: How far do I push my own boundaries? How far do I go for my fellow people? What happens if man strips himself of all conventions through exhaustion or adrenaline? How does that change our movement and (inter)action towards each other?
This installation creates a trance-like-feeling, that carries the viewer into a physical experience, that can exceed the alternating dynamics and becomes something bigger about life and death, human movement and suffering and which ultimately questions our identity through the essential need of crossing borders but also the need to connect to our fellow human beings.

Hagmeier Fanny