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Main theme of film is the feeling of a person inclined to solitude and art. This person is closed in a society system, in which he has to live. He suffers, because he doesn’t correspond to society’s expectations and opinion. He starts having a painful soul conflict. Person living behind a mask. He is afraid of society and,at the same time, is dependence, because he is lost and doesn’t know what to do. It’s like waiting for call. That’s why there is a very important call in film. Someone living, paying attention on society wishes (society directing him on a search of a rust key). But that person found out that he can’t find anything with that key (it doesn’t open anything). He is disappointed. Thist time, society directs him again on a search (rust nail). But he suddenly decided to ESCAPE. He refuses to connect with society, in order to be himself. So he takes off the mask. But we don’t see a happy face. Why? Because it’s just the beginning of a selected path. And this way it’s more free, but harder.

Kiseleva Anja