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Kiseleva Anja

1985 – I was born in Kaliningrad. 2001 – Winter – Creative work with electronic musicians (HSH, Ell, DjaDaj, Swamprojekt “Mator”, Bionikle — video art experience). 2001 – Summer – work experience in Musical Photography with Kaliningrad Promo Bands – 10 best Portraits Makers “Vzgljad’01” – take part in Kaliningrad Project ELECTRIC BLANKET – Illustrations for Book of modern Poetry (circulation 3000). 2002 – Summer – creating photography projects (comics) as editor and photographer. 2002-2003 September, March, August – presentation comics projects in “Tvoja Gazeta” (with Unna Glushakowa and Nastja Petrenko as models) 2004 Winter – take part in Russian-German project “Der Raum Der Kant-Insel als Entwicklung Vektor der Stadt Kaliningrad” in Russian-German house in Kaliningrad. 2004 – Spring – take part in Russian modern art festival ARTGENDA. 2004 1 October – 21 October – living in San Francisco in Art Studio with group of artists; third experience in drawing and creating sculpture.2006 – winter exhibition of Vases in Art Gallery “Jung Art”. 2006- July – today begin work with Video in Video and Photo studio “RusVideo” 2006. 17 – 25 September take part in “Media Art conferential” in Poland (Rodowo) 2006 November – Project “ARTeria”. Exhibition of paintings and photography.