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Ecce Homo/ Ecce Jonathan Chase

“Ecce Homo / Ecce Jonathan Chase” (5 minutes) from the project Post-Pop then after Everything and Neo-Nothing. This video will show only my hand – my hand and its attempts to become something else. My work is based on popular references: in this case Manimal (an 8-part US TV series created by Glen A. Larson and Donald R. Boyle and broadcast in 1983 on NBC). It is somewhere in between Manimal and Douglas Gordon: simply the repetition of the same action, miming Jonathan Chase’s metamorphosis ad infinitum. This video is a trial, a failure and ultimately a succession of images that lose their meaning but achieve a certain autonomy. For sometimes, in an unbearable effort, the hand is no longer a hand and makes reference to all kinds of things that the viewer’s imagination throws upÂ… or it simply becomes a foot. It produces a kind of frustration and it`s also, somewhere and sometimes, an exiting object. Ecce Homo is a Latin expression meaning: here is the man. This is the expression used by Pontius Pilate in the translation of the Vulgate of the gospel of John, when he presents Jesus to the crowd, beaten and crowned thorns. It’s a classical title of the medieval and renaissance painting.

Cyril Donpar