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| verb (-dropped , -dropping) [intrans.] secretly listen to a conversation: she placed a glass on the wall to eavesdrop on the conversation next room.
“I am unethical! I eavesdrop and gain access to your most personal moments. The ghostly figure of sound bypasses your walls and I seize the opportunity without feeling any kind of remorse; only some strange kind of satisfaction. If you think this is improper, remember that God is an eavesdropper, or at least you’d like him to be. You pray and you hope to be heard. God might not listen, but I will.”

Eavesdropping; Crisis is a sound art installation that exploits the ethereal nature of sound and its ability to bypass physical objects, thus revealing information that otherwise would be out of reach. The artwork consists of three listening stations and the audience is invited to use this surreal apparatus in order to eavesdrop on the reality of other people’s lives. The different ways that each subjected individual copes within a society in crisis are revealed to the audience who may become the eavesdroppers, free of guilt as the shame goes all on the artist.

Part 1: I want My Mother, Part 2: Coping, Part 3: Divine Intervention

Messinezis Luc