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Messinezis Luc

Luc Messinezis (Athens, 1977) graduated as an MA in sound arts from the University of the Arts, London and since he has engaged professionally with sound arts practice and research. Luc’s conceptual interests mainly focus on aural awareness, anthropology and philosophy. Inspired by the existentialist doctrine, he treats listening as an outward gesture rather than a passive ability of understanding, turning the concrete audible reality into a tool of stimulating the imagination and challenging the perception of the audience. His recent activities include among others: IsReal at the 7th international FKL Symposium on soundscape – Besenello (IT), Sound Art Workshop at Traces of Commerce as part of ADAF – Athens (GR), Destination Journey at ART Athina 2013 Internationa Art Fair – Athens (GR), Sonic Garbage at Implode Festival – Chalkis (GR), Of Dignity and Rights at the Old Customs House – Paxoi Islands (GR), Eavesdropping Crisis at Ethnographic Terminalia 2011 – Montreal (CA), Forest in a Forest at Levendel Bloch Gallery – Ein Hod (IL). Additionally, he has also presented his practice-based research work Audiopsy: Jerusalem at The Global Composition 2012 international soundscape symposium (Dieburg, DE) and was invited to produce original work as an Artist in residence under the AIR Krems “Lower Austria Contemporary” program (Krems, AT) in 2010.