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Ce Qui Arrive

This work explores the concept of the video installation as a form and the urban context and mobility as a subject. Since the video is based on the image in movement, I try to explore the movement itself, the movement of the camera, making objects and architecture alive. Every solid and fixed structure moves creating different plans and forms. The position and the scale of the projections are important to create an environment that provides an aesthetical and a physical experience. Since the work is based in the concepts of space and movement, the narrative is not a focus. The videos have a rhythm but no history, and they’re in looping. In that way, the public can be “absorbed” by the video installation following their own time. It’s important to give them the possibility to walk around at the space at the same time that they are catched up with those images “placed” that never stop.

Alves Pinto / Nagem Mariana