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Barry Duffman

‘Burry Duffman’ is a piece solely based on the audiovisual deconstruction of iconic pop-hits from the years 2014 and 2015. Sonically, the smallest parts possible (grains) were used to transform iconic sounds of nowadays pop to an extensive auditive scape, while being arranged in typical pop-like song structure, translated to a duration of 20:10 minutes. The visual counterpart picks up on this idea and employs extremely short (a few frames long) scenes, originally used as some sort of visual filling material in the corresponding videos, in an extremely time-stretched way to overemphasize stereotypes and cliches of body representations, violence and the male-female relationships of and in power, which, in the intended way, wouldn’t have met the audience’s attention.

Electric Indigo & TE-R (Louise Linsenbolz, Thomas Wagensommerer)