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AI Ethics and Prosthetics

The advance of research in artificial intelligence (AI) is today more rapid than ever. Governmental and academic institutions are only beginning to respond to the ethical issues posed by increasingly ubiquitous and proactive AIs. Corporations and startups, on the other hand, relentlessly focus on creating AI capable of drastically changing human activities: from everyday routines and law enforcement to medical diagnosis and warfare.In this workshop we focus on the radical and, as of now, underestimated potential of AI to change human bodily experience. It is a critical thinking workshop where we begin with the question “Would you live with an autonomous prosthesis?” Using speculative methods and critical conversations, we discuss the ethics of AI in relation to future intelligent machines that do not only live with us, but on and within us. What forms of bodily experience will emerge? Who will own the algorithms and the data driving these new prosthesis? Will prosthetic devices become more appealing to those who do not necessarily need one? Will they become more useful for those in real need?The workshop is open to anyone with any background and expertise level. An artistic and/or scientific background can be useful, but it is not at all a requirement. The most diverse the participants group the most exciting and fruitful the discussion.

Donnarumma Marco