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Pelusio, Michela & Bichakis, Stratos

Michela Pelusio is an Italian artist, who has created installations and performances across Europe, Asia and America. She makes immersive installations using space, light, matter and sound, producing experiences of being present in an environment that is magic and non-recordable. Her research involves the exploration of human perception, the sense of the place, nature and culture, art and science.
Michela was born in Italy, Viareggio. She studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art of Carrara, and got her Master degree of Music and Art Science from the Interfaculty of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag. She was a teacher at the ArtScience Interfaculty in the Hague (KABK, KONCON) teaching Synesthetic’s and Genius Loci courses. In 2012 Michela founded ResidenceSEA, in Crete, a residence program for artists who engage in creative dialogues with scientists.
Website: http://MaaKali.orG –

Stratos Bichakis
Stratos Bichakis is a composer and researcher in the audio visual domain. Stratos is based in Athens, Greece and has a background in chemical engineering. His interests lies in abstract media, digital folk, and modeling and hacking of systems and ideas with the aid of programming. He uses sound and light along with open source hardware and software platforms, inspired by social science, tradition and biology. He also works as a musician (.message, The East) and lighting programmer-operator. Stratos exhibited his work at Athens School of Fine Arts, in meetings of the Greek Free/Open Source Software Society (GFOSS) and seminar presentations at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and the Victoria & Albert museum in London. He participated in Musicmakers Hacklab of CTM 2014 Festival in Berlin and ICAS 2015 in Dresden and presented the sound and light performance Symbiosis at Schmiede 2014 in Austria. He has an ongoing collaboration with Michela Pelusio on SpaceTime Helix. His latest project is a collaboration with Akis Sinos, exploring chaos and synchronicity.