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Passa Chiarra

I was born in Rome in 1973. I studied at Salerno’s Artistic Lyceum and at Fine Arts Academy of Naples and Rome. After, I’ve done a Master at Salerno’s University ( Faculty of Communication’s Science ) in “New Audiovisual mediums”. At the moment I’m living and working in Rome. The limit between abstraction and the search for image composition is indefinite and borderline in my artwork. Using the animation and the video installation, the same theme explores different formal solutions. My animations are characterized from a constant study on the shape, geometric and often essential, joined to a three-dimensional and dynamics vision of the virtual space. The video installations force the spectator to confront himself with another ‘oddity space’. A performance idea is the base of my artwork and people can see a place that moves naturally beyond its functionality. Others ( net-art ) works for public space, like, “Art calling-Digital art stories”, propose people to listen to stories about digital art through phone booths used as a communicative medium. My web’s project, ( like ), put in argument concepts like: identity/sharing, space/time, medium/message.