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Marika Konstantinidou

Marika Konstantinidou is a multidisciplinary artist based in Athens. She has recently graduated from the Visual Arts and Art Science Department of the Sorbonne University in Paris and is now based in Athens. Her work is based around public space issues as well as the limits of the visual through a minimalist perspective. She has shown her work at various exhibitions such as the Nuit Blanche in Brussels (iMal, 2008), La Nuit du Street Art in Paris (2008), Kodra Action Field at Thessaloniki (2009, 2010) and has had two solo exhibitions (Closed Gallery, Thessaloniki 2012 and Six D.O.G.S, Athens, 2013). Furthermore, she has curated shows for the Municipal Art Gallery of Chania (BODY/SCREEN – Female Identities and New Media, 2012), the Plague Epidemics in Chania closing events on the public space of Splatzia Square, and the Souls from the Streets exhibition at Neorio Moro, Chania.