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Laffon Jeremy

Born in 1978 (in France), Jeremy Laffon begins his artistic research by an exclusively pictorial and poetic work, then widens little by little his field of expression to other supports such as engraving, photography, performance (and happening), as well as video, while preserving a poetic unit revealing various influences (like that of the “Incoherents”, Fluxus, Francis Alys, Fischli & Weiss, Paul McCarthy, etc). It is while collaborating with various artistic associations that the artist experienced his creative concepts and processes (sometimes establishing it in places not envisaged to this end such as festivals of music, or the street itself). These concepts constitute a singular language today, revolving around the phenomena of flow, transitory, immanence and burlesque, while preserving an obsessional and ironic rigour towards the process of creation and the relation with the spectator. Talking about himself as an usurper, a professional amateur and getting dressed characters as varied as the “wandering it”, the “empote “*, the “empailleur “**, or the “pom-pom boy ” [cheerleader], Jeremy Laffon develops the role of the intruder, the parasite, and carries a glance full of humour and cynism on the status and the gestureof the artist, questioning notions such as manipulation (through the dominater/dominated report), stereotype or vanity.