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Kukulaki Stella

Studied in the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, Italy. Earned the “Angello Badiani” Scholarship in Print. Exhibitions (in summary): S.M Basilica 1986, House of Cyprus 1993, 34th National Convention 1995 USA, Hellenic Postwar Print 1988, National Art Gallery 1988, “Kirvia”, Intellectual Centre of Ierapetra Municipality, Crete. 1st Mediterranean Print Biennale 1998, “Oikade” (exhibition of Cretan Artists), Municipal Art Gallery of Rethymnon 2003, Touch 2008 – 2009 St. Nikolas, Crete. 1st International Jazz festival, Municipal Art Gallery of Heraklion, 2008. PanHellenic exhibition in Athens, 2009-2010, 8th International Biennale at Padru of Sardegna, Italy 2010, International Art Exhibition “The ancient Cretan olive grove”, Crete 2010. Archaeological Museum “Villa Abbas di Sardara”, Southern Sardegna, Italy. Heraklion Museum of Visual Arts competitions 2011 and 2012, Municipal Art Gallery of Heraklion annual Exhibitions of Heraklion’ Network of Visual Arts 2011 and 2012, 4th and 5th Beijing International Art Biennale 2010-2012, China. “Art is female gendered” Museum of visual arts, 2013, Heraklion Crete. “The body as a locus of presence and absence”, Andros and Athens 2013, Greece.