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Katharine Fry

Katharine Fry is a British artist, raised in Belgium, currently living in London. Her practice, encompassing video, live art and interactive installation, is concerned with a phenomenological investigation of time and the structure of narrative. Her film work draws heavily on archetypal characters while creating its own sense of mythology. Her scenarios touch on the uncanny, with multiple figures experiencing endless journeys or unchanging tasks. Katharine Fry’s works are frequently treated to imply infinite duration. They depict states of constant travelling or highly controlled rituals. Through these, she questions the difference between repeating and continuing and the effect of each on a moment that, freed from the conventional ties of time, could continue unchanging, extending into infinity. This unchanging moment is bound to an attempt to control time but time captured is not time regained. The model she proposes, whether defined as continuing or repeating, represents a physical manifestation of a thwarted attempt to control time. The works frequently reference labour and futility. Questioning free will, how we spend time, the choices we make and the activities we undertake, they raise a mirror to the systems in which we place ourselves.