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Karini Maria Assunta

Born: Piacenza Resides: Piacenza Education: Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts (Paris) and School of Marble S.G.F (Carrara, Italy). Maria Assunta Karini works on housing osmotic tensions between spirit and body subliming, with a strong poetic simbolic fears, tension, psychic ,mystical relationship between the human microcosmos and the outside land, and does so with a truly remarkable social and ethical commitment, expressed in a variety of artistic medium, from traditional sculpture to installation, from video art to photography, including digital. As observed with accuracy by Luca Beatrice, “the work of Maria Assunta Karini merges conceptual opposition of the elements, both formal and cultural”, which combine the meanings of human life and society through representation and images that are not devoid of theatrical and densely symbolic that populate the landscape of the mind truly lived the artist.