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Ophelia and Trigeminal are not a diptych or a two-part project, but an experiment of “narrative” split, “written” simultaneously with different hands. A text or a hallucination on the continuous birth of upside down conception, when giving birth means eating, summarize, taking back, all the opposite elements: water, desert, are just a possible medium, the synthesis of possible merges in order to disseminate, to reach the womb, escape into the cosmos, which is ultimately the same thing. Trigeminal and Ophelia are sent down into an hypnotic fluid, the music moves them, prepares them, puts them in position, until the meat of these adolescents starts to beat, to chant, to open up its movements one after the other: under the eyelids the eyes are hearts, pulses, and their bodies bodies, undone figures, crushed against their own substance, for which their air becomes food, and returns as a continuous series of false awakenings.

Karini Maria Assunta