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Giabropoulos Nikos

Born in Thessaloniki. He studied stage design at the School Stavrakos . He worked as production designer on the short film “Oedipus, Medea.” For the latter, he won the award for set design film festival at the school. In the theatre worked with the troupe “Thessaloniki”, the theatrical group “Faces”, the dance group “heresy” and the dance group “Vis Motrix”. In 1999 he took part in the festival of art & technology Mediaterra-Fournos in which he won with the video project “Madonna”. Solo exhibitions: “Nude” 2003, “Video Portrait” 2004, “Post-Oedipus”, 2005 “Venus” in 2006 Art Center & technology “wave”. He has participated in many festivals and exhibitions such as: “Museum of new art Mona” 2005 United States, “Art today association” 2004 Bulgaria, “Artexpo” 2004 Spain, “The old habits die hard” 2004 Germany – Turkey – Spain – England – Norway – Sweden – United States, “Euroscreen” 2003 Spain-Germany – Holland-Finland – Turkey – Italy – Bulgaria – Austria – Poland, “Artexpo” 2003 India, “Open air audiovisual festival” 2002 Greece, “Mediaterra” 2001 Germany – Slovenia – Bulgaria – Serbia – Greece, “International Electronic Art Festival” 2001 Brazil, “Center of Contemporary Arts” 2001 Romania, “Visionaria” 2000 Italy etc. Some collective entries: “European alliances” Denmark 2004, “Athens Metropolis by mistake” Bios 2004, “The rape of Europe” Luke & A gallery London 2003, “Antibody” 2003 “Gallery Artower”, “Bureaucracy” 2003 Home Office “Action Field Kodra-03” 2003 camp Kodra, “War” – “We All People”, 2003 “Wave”, “Open Art”, 2002, “Lithography Piraeus”, “Kiss my Art”, 2001 “Mill gallery”, “Extensions of Men”, 2000 “Chap art gallery” etc.