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Ash Bulayev & Nancy Stamatopoulou

Ash Bulayev is a director/choreographer and media artist, and is a co-Artistic Director of, in collaboration with choreographer Tzeni Argyriou. He is also part of the Van Reipen Collective in New York since 1997. He has lived in New York from 1991-2003, where he has created multiple original productions ranging from site-speci?c/multi-location work, interactive installations to dance/theater projects which where presented in U.S.A., Spain, Germany, Egypt, Portugal, Bulgaria, Holland, and Greece. From 2003-2009 he worked and lived in Greece, where with he has presented various projects across mediums. Presently, he lives and works in Amsterdam. Nancy Stamatopoulou – is a choreographer, performer and visual artist presently based in Amsterdam. Besides creating original works spread over various mediums, she has also collaborated collaborated with following: Dance companies and choreographers – Nigel Charnok, Maria Kefirova, Jean Vinclair, Malvina Protogerou, Jackie Taffanel, Alfredo Fernandez, Apostolia Papadamaki, Christine Bastin, Karen Levi, Claudi Bonbardo. Theater companies and directors – Alexandros Eukleidess, Ash Bulayev, Facta Non Verba, Thomas Moschopoulos. Visual artists and photographers – Tasos Vretos, Konstantinos Rigos. She was a member of National Theatre of Northern Greece since 2002 where she participated in numerous dance and theatre productions. Since 2003 she was a permanent company member of Oktana Dance Theatre Company collaborating with Konstantinos Rigos with whom she has presented a multitude of projects in: Greece, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, Israel, Italy, France, F.R.O.M., Hong Kong.