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Anahit Helin

The interdisciplinary nature of my artistic practice has evolved through site-specific installations ans the exploration of time-based digital art practices in conjunction with painting, leading to video and sound installations. I explore the space through a lens. I pack up my work, it is destined for transportation but frozen in a state of timelessness. Drawing. Drawing on ideas on transcultural identity, cultural displacement, collective memory and nostalgia, my work has been described as “eloquently formed, philosophically and critically nuanced”, both documentary and poetic in style “full of meaning, which is slippery and allusive.” I have an American background. I was born and brought up in Istanbul; I live and work in London. Having lived in different cities, my multicultural background and my sense of rootlessness have become assets pervading my work where places are concepts without specific references. I am interested in the relationship between theory and practice; and its application to cultural politics and aesthetics. I am currently a Ph. D. Candidate in Fine Art at Middlesex University in London. I have participated in exhibitions and screenings, and led related seminars and workshops.