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White Ink No 1

Dan Hermes’ digital paintings explore human drama through abstract shapes and colors and through gentle yet complex piano textures. Eras evolve with the passing of time, relationships form, order is achieved, and then fall to give way to the next generation. Jagged lines of white ink frolic and congregate, interrupted by a red orchid-like dancer, transforming the landscape into a flowing sunrise and sunset. White and red cooperate to form complex and beautiful flower or bird-like structures, waltzing and carousing in precise choreography to the music. Timing, space, structure, and form unite to create a unique audiovisual experience that is relaxing, hypnotic, interesting, and deeply meaningful. “Any of my works could be about a span of time in the life of a man or woman, or just as easily about the experience of a ripple on a pond, or the rise and fall of a corporation, or an entire civilization. My subjects and themes are universal and classical in nature.”

Hermes Dan