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WAVES an interactive installation invites the viewer to enter a spontaneous situation, experiencing it and becoming part of it in the same time.The title refers not only to the visible layer of the installation – the generative projection reminding the movement of sea waves, but primarily to all oscillating that travels through space- elementary phenomena of occurrence and alteration.The audience can influence the shape, frequency and density of the waves, while each wave origins from conducting motion of the participant. Every time the interaction is unique and individual due to the result of newly configured digital data processed by special algorithms. The installation WAVES is inspired by one of the most important happening in Polish art, the “Panoramic Sea Happening” created by Tadeusz Kantor. The performance took place 23 August 1967 on the beach of the Baltic Sea in Łazy, Poland. The installation was exhibited so far at the 5th International Pure Data Convention PdCon16~ at the New York University in NYC, Urban Lab P5, Brema, Germany, Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition TADAEX in Tehran, Iran and Platan Gallery | Budapest, Hungary.

Wojtunik Elwira, Csaba Láng Popesz / Elektro Moon Vision