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Voidness of Touch

Physical contact as a direct tool for understanding matter.

Voidness of touch is a performance based on exploring vibration through sound processes. A real time dialogue between a human and its inherent matter. Snow, sand, dust, rocks, water – all have different constitutions and can be understood not only through their structure but also through their vibration. There is no static matter – everything – including the most vigorous solid stone, has movement, vibrates and therefore occupies an intangible wider space. The audience is taken into a amplified world where sounds are brought outside in waves, excavated from the initial materials.

By dealing with the invisible world we wonder about the flexibility of physicality. A texture, sound or even a electrical signal can remember us that a Stone was once liquid, that the beginning or end of a specific matter is much more vast then we can perceive. What is more physical when you touch snow? The cold existing in your hands, or the resulting sound vibrating through space? This piece has a meticulous process where sensible tools work as microscopes that amplify interactions between bodies, infinite layers and imagined landscapes. It presents land and its ghosts in a vibration form, always assuming a open format that constantly molds itself to the existing conditions of weather, time and geography.

Delindro Gil