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Voice Booth

Our complex social environment demands that we practice social interactions. Voice Booth is a research project that addresses our public image and examines how people perceive the acceptable or desirable attitude when it comes to our personal impact and functional co-habitation.

A technological piece created for the purposes of the project, trains seven participants to act in real life, through their voice. Their performance is assessed in accordance with certain norms associated with social life, while exercising our judgment on the different circumstances and the conventions that go with.

In the film, a misfortune themed workshop takes place. The experiment dealt with the progress of the participants, while enabling an observation on how people handle certain social situations; medical students from the Imperial College where asked to break the news of a death and HR managers were trained to fire people with sympathy. They were all asked to perform twice: first using their understanding of the situation and acting skills, then once again putting technology to use. Empathy turns into a mechanised expression of emotions in a scenario where the “wrong” voice is unforgivable.

Mylonaki Dionysia