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The project is a prototypical new program, which combines the activity of a computer virus and biological viruses. Sequence of numbers (obtained from any biological or physical detector) introduced by the user is subjected to transformation and destruction through the use of viruses. Sequences of viruses are introduced combinatorially: they gradually transform and destroy and substitute the initial sequence in order to create completely new configurations of signs and biological objects. The form of the program is open and serves for the creation of unpredictable and new sequences of objects. The project shows how logical structures and computer processes remain in relation with biological and chemical processes. Transmutation of one elementary sequence into another, one chemical substance into another is of great importance. The possibility of transforming sequences in real time gains great importance in times when human identity is increasingly coded by digital data. Through transformation and distribution of DNA data in real time, the physical structure of the user described in the form of a sequence develops and transforms, intersecting with the public space of the net. The test program shows how my DNA[collected from saliva] is combined with codes of the viruses [Lloviu, Polio and Marburg virus].

Lisek Robert