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I have always wondered, why do the images which we shoot on travels, collect in photo albums and show around to friends look so much alike. Do all people experience the same? Do they see the same things the same way? Do the pictures we take home from our journeys represent what we have encountered? Is photography more than just a medium to remember and shape a memory? What is the impact on our perception of the world of having seen all these sights on photographs before seeing them with our own eyes? Is there some kind of interaction between the subjective and the collective memory? With these ideas in mind, I started focusing on certain popular sites around the world. Collecting thousands of photo snapshots via the internet, I began rassembling these by collage. The superimposition makes the focal point of the photographs become visible. While each layer is provided with transparency (additive blending), the motive focused on becomes blurred out, and the edges of the tourist gaze become visible. The points of interest are transformed into vanishing points. As a result, the periphery of this gaze appears as a temporally densified shape of the popular view, where unseen details emerge.

Zad Iloe