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Unfinished harbour

A pointless act or a ceaseless urge, a must. What brings our actions to life is not always clear, sometimes even to our own selves. Etta Safve’s video piece is permeated by a silent determination, where nothing can halt what is happening, or understand its scope. In Unfinished Harbor (Narcissus) the landscape is undefined, season: winter, perhaps early spring, a lone man paddling up a stream. He goes ashore and starts attaching blue birds to the trees. The subtitle Narcissus- from the Greek myth about the man who fell in love with his own reflection and finally died of thirst by the lake where he sat, because when he wanted to drink, the image of him would be shattered into a thousand pieces- alludes to mankind’s vain ambition to ensnare and be one with nature, our own effigy. The pictures are accompanied by texts by the author Torbjorn Safve.

Safve Etta