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Two motions

Two motions integrate in the same flow. Two views “objectively” different [from the camera lens] in an attempt to make them converge towards a single view [the eye and the subjective view reinterprets], understanding the purpose of fusion at the “same” as seeking not what they do not change [the static is dead], but a stillness that requires a perpetual motion to keep that balance: a record in repositioning. In one case, the objective of the camera remains fixed looking a fluid stirring constantly, in the other, is the target that moves while capturing a passage is that, despite remain fixed, seems to move at the same time the eye transites. These two seriations of images –that can evoke from a cultured look abstract or impressionist painting- merge into a “polyphonic” discourse under a sound base infused with lyricism in which a violin and piano do a counterpoint dialogue from their different linguistic materiality: two string instruments, one is hammered and the other rubbed.

Prada Lisi