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Triangles Irascibles

An apartment, streets, a town, a train, a suburb ; urban spaces drift by, stop and start, penetrated by the apparition of an enigmatic forest where fragments of the past are replayed: a face, axed trees, a fire, family portraits, a worrying gesture… This journey, both physical and mental, is the one a man must take to get back to the house where he grew up. With this man, we explore the fringes of imagination where souvenirs and present moments collide.

Triangles Irascibles is a singular cinematic experience. Alone, live on stage, Yro creates this film in its entirety, by manipulating photographs in front of cameras connected to software that he has programmed. Whether they be originals or from family archives, these photographs are replayed and by their manipulation become fragile, distant, intimate… The performance is carried along by original music composed by Erwan Raguenes. Yro, using different instruments and sound effects also plays a part of the sound track on stage. Haunted by synesthesia, where each sound is echoed in geometric thoughts, Yro, in this new project, explores his relationship to family…

Co-production :
Avoka, La Grange à Musique/ City of Creil, Region Picardie, City of Rennes, Le Volume, LE CUBE – Centre de création numérique Grand Paris Seine Ouest & MJCS La Châtre.