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Tree spirit

The dried trees which are covered by plastic, for me are the symbol of existence and interference of human in the nature, interference nor in favor of nature neither for mankind, the existence of artifices, garbage and chemical compounds and, in the end, gradual death of nature. Nature’s captivity through the amounts of plastic compounds, is the meaning of human captivity through buildings. Nature’s sprite & trees sprite are not separable and our future child is related to nature; and the earth, tree and human reproduction are rings of one sling; our child is nature’s child and its darkness and brightness destiny¬Ö. In this case, the sun is the symbol of life and reproduction. Its existence results in reproduction and sunlight results in birth. Its non-existence results in non-mobility and frigidity, and images are same as rime. In this video same as my previous videos, I have used ordinary people, not actors or actresses, because I believe that the topic is not further of mankind’s common live and the art’s addressees are people and my performance is live. The writings without any Persian spot which are representing on screen at the first plan are piece of my work style and also have being accounted as my signature and they don’t have any bright meanings even for Persian language viewers.