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Touch me

(2016) Interactive Sculpture. Optical fibers, leds, raspberry pi, arduino & custom software. Please, touch me. Unlike other artworks that we are advised to keep distance, this sculpture invites you to touch it. With reference to the ancient cycladic idols, this black head is standing dark, like an extraterrestrial visitor, waiting for an encounter. In response, it will emit cold blue and violet light through hundred optical fibers that are fitted in its surface. At the same time a soundscape will be generated based on the movements of the hands that are touching the sculpture. As the visitor interacts and get connected with the artwork, a special algorithm is calculating the amount of engagement and transforms the lights to warmer red and orange colors. “Touch me” is a metaphor on human and technology relationship. It is trying to explore the difficulties of human-machine interaction. A simple interaction like touch is sometimes very difficult to achieve. People may hesitate to touch the sculpture (especially in a gallery-exhibition environment). When they finally do it, some may feel uncomfortable by the sculpture reaction and other may feel attracted and charmed. After so many interactive devices that surround us in everyday life, how used are we in a human-machine interaction?

Kranidiotis Yiannis