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The Weeping Garden

Damir and Anika, two exquisite beings bound by the physical laws of nature to maintain a balance between the natural world and mankind. The two beings hold a beautiful ability that enables them to morph between their unique humanistic appearance, to that of a moth and a butterfly. This morphing allows them to drift between their world, and the material world of mankind. In Damir and Anika’s world, their mere existence is to maintain the weeping garden by allowing the creation of moths and butterflies. Damir and Anika’s winged friends happily crosspollinate all the plants that lushly grow under their care, until one apparent day, one plant that lies under the lush garden canopy starts to weep tears of a rich drowning sorrow. Damir and Anika soon realize that this weeping tree is the plant that connects their world to the humans materialistic world. They both decide that it is most important for them to see what events are causing this tree to weep so severely. Upon this decision they both morph into their moth and butterfly beings to travel back and visit humanities material world to visualize for themselves what the cause of the trees suffering maybe.

Damien Pascoe