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The Tunnel

The tunnel is a metaphor of the incommunicability that reigns our times, of the disaffection, of the lack of solidarity, of the alienation of the individuals. The tunnel is also our anguish, is the man alone, with his egotism, his fears, anxieties. The tunnel is inside outside us, is our world of indifferent people to others’ pain among the violence that surround us and seldom do not fight against enough. The death people are the bureaucrats, the conformists, the satisfied people, the alienated, the neutrals, the indifferent, those who have “fixed eyes”, “the providents”. The ones that always leave for later, those who are sterile and dead and did not realised. And the living people? The living people are the opposite, the “unfaithful” to the tunnel, the rebels, the ones who cry and have cold fear, they are a community /sob o TUNEL/ aldeia minima./Como as formigas (a community under the Tunnel,/ minimal country. Like little ants), that the poet discovers only when starts to get out of himself and to perceive the reality instable and the variety around him. The people alive are rare, precarious, fragile (…) The Tunnel is one of the verses present in the poem “My beloved living people”, Nemar, Victoria, 1991 and Multimedia Edizioni, Salerno 2004.

Meneghetti Cesar