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The Tide

As the character goes through, no matter the video game, the landscape is continuously created. The avatar seems to be “on the spot”. And it is by remaining ‘on the spot’, that it moves in different worlds, connected by bridges and coexist within the same game. The Tide lists the overviews of a single landscape, with its different scales, its different gravities, its different senses of reading. The notion of the unique landscape no longer exists: it can only be a plural entity in constant change. Our contemplation can no longer attach itself to an object and the overflow of information dispels our bearings. Things, as they have been named, have already disappeared.In this temporal vertigo, we can only, as a spectator, be subjected to this instability. It is like a delay imposed on us that we can only repeat. We can never be in sync, at the right time, in the right place.There are too many moments and too many places, there is no longer the «right». The absence of boundaries questions the conception of space: is it possible to conceive a space, physical or mental, if it has no limits?

Masson Vincent