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The Market

Market shoppers use all of their senses when trying to ascertain whether the groceries are local or imported. The privileging of local produced over imported goods is ever present regardless of whether or not the groceries are actually better, this follows to lines of argument – that by buying Croatian produced goods they are supporting Croatian agriculture and that domestic products are more familiar and more tasty, although it is not the origin of the goods but the method of its production that counts. They rather choose to buy local goods simply because they are “ours, Croatian, local”, and not some foreign, unfamiliar and alien foodstuff which is therefore deemed of lesser quality. For the preserves traditionally prepared to last throughout the winter, only local production is considered worthy, it has to be treated, and conserved, for it to be safe, and caught at its best moment of maturity. This process demands that all foreign bodies be destroyed, that only the best pieces are used, those without fault, all this need be cleansed for the preserved to be safe from all decay.

Husman Anna