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The Beauty Of Atomic World

The animation was completely generated on the computer. The used software were Cinema 4D and Caligari Truespace as well as Adobe Premiere Pro for the video sequences, Soundblaster and Nero-Wave-Studio for the sound sequences. The original animation is available on DVD but on request can be converted to any other storage media. The animation can be either watched with the help of a DVD-player on the computer or via a DVD-recorder on the TV. Best quality, though, is achieved via a video-projector on a large screen format. In this case, the loudspeakers should be positioned according to the size of the projection in order to maximise the stereo sound. The sensual detection of the atomic world is concealed from mankind. Science now tries to simulate atomic models on the computer, on the basis of abstract formulas, in order to receive a new basis for new insights via visual imagination. As our present day is dominated by media, and as its hardware is based on interaction of atomic sequences, the world with its microcosmic actions then becomes interesting for the artist. Unlike the rational oriented scientist, the artist tries to approach the problem aesthetically in a more illustrative way. Thus the intention of the present animation is to artistically imagine an invisible world. The computer, working on its lowest level with electromagnetic-atomic conditions, offers the possibility of making this a self reference medium. In different scenes the oscillation of the atoms, the order of crystal grid structures or energetic states are transposed to an understandable visible level. Electronically produced sounds give the visible sequence an audible support.

Hajo Drott