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Rethinking Heritage

With the artistic and technological application methods planned to be established between digital objects, participants are expected to experience the following problems during and after the workshop. Do reproduced physical objects with 3-dimensional abstraction and collage techniques re-conceptualize the physicality of what is called heritage via personal and social values? How does this desire of physicality affects and shapes the experiential aura of objects in cyberspace with re-production techniques?During this workshop, it is expected from participants to think and draw one of their owned and valued objects in sketches. After being taught of a 3D modelling software, participants will realize their sketches in the method of abstraction. In the collage part, participants will be given with a catalogue of digital models that are the exact digitized versions of heritage objects and asked to combine them with their abstract objects in a contextual, physical or emotional fashion. After this process, collected digital artworks will be printed in 3D for further questioning the desire of physical fragility in a medium of re-production. The final artwork is aimed to mirror an aural image of personal and social values if such can even be divided, defined, owned of shared.

Atanur Andic
Cansu Nur Şimşek