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Reclaining The Landscape

A man with a suitcase is at a train station. He gets on the train. When the train stops he walks and walks until he arrives into a beautiful landscape in the countryside. There he opens the suitcase and pulls out graffiti cans and sprays a landscape painting based on the location, onto a piece of cardboard. The next shot is in his studio, framing the piece using a golden frame. He then walks out of the studio and walks the streets, in a determined manner until he comes to the place where he hangs the painting with a hammer and a nail, on a wall in the city anonymously and leaves… The film questions our relationship to environmental issues. Has our relationship to the environment only become an image? How do we get closer to nature? Are our actions constructive or destructive? Our relationship to nature seems to be full of contradictions who can clarify this for us? How can we, as individuals, make a difference?

Campo Alvaro