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My current series explore the nature of contemporary western society, juxtaposing the sights and experiences of the everyday within a single plane. I created a new superreality by collapsing the conscious and subconscious, and by working with these two opposites it allows for a dynamic dichotomy within my work; real vs. Representation, repetition vs uniqueness, improvisation vs calculation, etc. My videos look collage-like; they are flat and made up of many different parts that are disjointed amongst themselves due to the spatiotemporal relationship of subject matter within the piece. These compressed instances of everyday produce a concentrated space that alludes to our environment. With the omni-presence of the media we are continually succumbing to meditation in our everyday; as well as the availability and speed of technology has collapsed time and space where there once was a lag. Information and meditation is everywhere, and oddly, nowhere. Through projecting an intense fabricated reality (including the use of repetition and looping), this again alludes to, mimics, concentrates, amplifies, and simulates feelings of everyday experiences. In terms of representation, the repetition speaks about the everyday: mass production, urban sprawl, etc. I push video to an almost unbearable plateau in hopes to affect the viewer in order to mimic daily urban life and media.

Bellon Jesse