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Public Space

Public Space represents a reflection on the foetus in the mediatic representation and as a consequence on the body of women, which during pregnancy becomes a “public space”. Public Space is not a work on abortion or against abortion: this work is placed outside and in a certain sense “before” this kind of debate.

Pregnancy is being transformed from an experience of feeling into an exercise of watching from the inside. Somehow the experience, which took place under the skin has been made public and mediatic through the use of diagnostics.

Lunardi is not so interested in the pregnancy itself but rather in the tendency to visualize everything, which at the end gives the status of reality only to what can be recorded through some devices. The practice of watching has brought the visual perception to a dominant position on the other senses so much that touch, sense of smell, taste and intuition are excluded. In conclusion, Public Space represents a reflection on the preponderance of the society of the image on all areas of our life; a preponderance, which goes to the extreme at the moment of conception.

Lunardi Marcantonio